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Adam, the architect of Mars. He leads a group of thousands of builders who construct sphinxes, pyramids… and all type of monuments on Mars.
The King of Cydonia rules that Martian Region. He lives in a castle outside of Cydonia City.
Mumu is the martian that prepares the interplanetary conquest of other planets. He supervises the work of Adam and also the activities of the aliens who live in the neighbouring planet Maldek.
Utu is the second leader and Adam’s assistant. He also builds on Mars. He leads the works of the builders in every martian region.
Goliath is a martian who lives in the region Galaxias Chaos. He was recruited by Adam to help him lift heavy stones. His height is 3 meters tall.
Semiramis, the queen of Arabia Terra. She, with her poor army, wants to invade Cydonia and steal all its gold and jewels.
Imsu and Kahnu, they are part of the army of the Queen Semiramis. They also are spies who infiltrate in the Cydonian territory, steal valious objects and give information to the Queen.
The Bard, he cheers Adam’s workers up, his singing does not like them and despair the builders who want him as far as possible.
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