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Adam is an architect who leads different works mainly in the Martian region of Cydonia, but also builds his works all over the planet. The buildings are pyramids, obelisks, statues, sphinxes, effigies, ziggurats, great monuments and architectural works. Under the king's orders and with a group of expert builders, he constructs his works day and night all over the planet. The comic action is developed 1,000,000 years ago during the civilization during which Adam and his Martians build those impressive constructions.

Adam had to urgently leave, along with millions of other Martians, their original planet Teka, Lyra constellation, where he also built incredible constructions, because of a planetary conflict with Reptilian creatures. Due to this, they found Mars in this solar system and landed on the "red planet". Since then he develops his construction projects with the aid of many many builders.

On the other hand, their works and the society of their planet are threatened by rulers who arrived on a nearby planet, named Maldek, who threaten them to get the mineral resources of Mars and steal all their works and bring them back to their planet. The aliens of this planet have spectacular technology and Adam and his friends are threatened with theft and requisition of everything that belongs to them. The situation, although rarely difficult, is mitigated by the great pharaonic works that Adam and his builders carry out all over the planet Mars.

Another danger comes from the Queen Semiramis of the region Terra Meridianis who is a dictator and tries to invade other regions that are not hers, for that mission she has a massive army, also putting the rest of the planet in danger of invasion.

The ADAM THE MARTIAN comic panel started to be published online the first days of July 2019 and has experienced a good amount of ideas for different situations as soon as different news and photos of Mars have been launched.

The comics of this series are already available on this site. And they are not a few only .... Enjoy the adventures of these fantastic builders of pyramids and other pharaonic works! Humor, adventure and history.

PD: The comics are based on the ancient civilization that once existed on Mars. The author has found hundreds of photos of the remains of that civilization, the comics are based on what today is seen on Mars' surface and on how those Martians could live there hundreds of thousands of years ago.
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